Thursday, June 18, 2009

MindShaft's Next Issue Coming out in August

Giola has posted the new cover of the August Issue of Mindshaft on our Facebook. It looks like a must have issue. Cover art is stunning. Some of our favs are in this issue, good friends R. Crumb and Skip Williamson to name a few. We recommend you reserve a copy today, but we dont really know how you do that. Maybe if you Google it, you can email Giola with your order. Keep in mind Mindshaft does not come out every month and they use old school printing process I am told to great effect. Tell 'em we sent 'cha, okey dokey

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mindshaft Magazine Sends a Thank You

Gioia Palmieri wrote us a nice Thank note on Facebook saying they were happy to see we posted their new issue of Mindshaft with Jay Lynch's Dou Tone Cover on The Comic Book College Weeklies blog. So we decided that it must have been ok even though we did not ask permission to use it, till just about 10 minutes ago, officially. That is why I took it down the other day, but now it is going back up, cover and all. So here is what they write on FaceBook, open an account and join this group......
Mineshaft is an independently published magazine that showcases art, comics, and literature bringing you exciting art from some of the world's greatests artists like R. Crumb, who designed our logos, Kim Deitch, Mary Fleener, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Jay Lynch, Billy Childish, Robert Armstrong, Andrei Codrescu, Bruce Simon, Pat Moriarity, Sophie Crumb, Ed Piskor, J.R. Helton, Frank Stack, Aaron Lange, Bill Griffith, Joseph Remnant, Dennis Eichhorn, David Collier, Christoph Mueller, & More! It was started in 1999, comes out three times a year, and is printed on offset press. Mineshaft is edited and published by Gioia Palmieri and Everett Rand.

Welcome to the Mineshaft Magazine News & Views Group. Contributors, readers, and friends are welcome to post their own news, photos, videos, etc. regarding their art and latest projects as well as discussing Mineshaft, ask questions, give criticism, opinions and other feedback on the Facebook page. We joined the group. Nice cover Jay.