Thursday, April 2, 2009


From the President's Desk

After a serious layoff of posting here, I was surprised to see that some new followers have joined the Weeklies. Sorry Guy joined last month and I strongly recommend you go to his blog and read his works. I dont know if Sorry Guy has ever checked out Robert Crumb's work or not but he is following in the Crumb tradition of making excellent comics from his own life, unless of course it is all fiction made to look like a life. Either way it works. His style is as compelling as the story lines are. I think we mentioned to him that his Sorry Guy Comics are worth assassinating a few of the Witch's Trees to print in paper. Of course who these days has the discernment to spot a Spying Witch Tree anymore? Alas gone are those good ol days of real paper Underground comics. But if you have some Time on your hands go check out Sorry Guy's blog and tell him Frog sent you.

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John said...

Wow! I'm totally flattered by your comments. Of course I've checked out R. Crumb, but my work is nowhere near as amazing as his. All of my stories are autobiographical, except for the time travel. That was a day dream. Thanks again!!