Monday, September 10, 2012

Stranger Than......F I C T I O N COMICS Coming Soon

    We have been working on a new Underground Comic Publishing Company called BootLeg COMIX. Our first title is Stranger Than .... F I C T I O N COMICS featuring Skip Williamson (Cover) R. Crumb, Jay Lynch, Robert W. Cox, Gene Gallatin, Monte Wolverton, Tiina Birgitta Raissen and Pat Moriarty.
     We will publish a small first edition of Artists'Proof and Distribution Company copies. These will go to the contributors and selected Distribution outlets for our type of market. Some will be available for sale, some we will sell through our shop locally. At this point we are almost sold out but the good news is we can adjust the number of copies since we have not yet gone to press at the writing of this blog entry.
     We will claim victory soon and then start working on the second issue. We hope to continue publishing the works of our good friends Jay Lynch, Skip Williamson and Robert Crumb as well as invite other Underground Cartoonists we know and love so well.
    We also will be taking in new artist's works for possible publication ,but dont anyone get your hopes up, as standards are high, stories need to fit in, and be interesting at the same time, plus you wont be getting large checks in the mail anytime soon. If we ain't getting the dough, you ain't either. If we get the dough then we will spread it around, but the Printers usually are the only winners in this game.But that aside for the moment, we look forward to sharing our place in the Sun with whoever gets a copy.