Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bijou Funnies #1with 'Nard n Pat Cover by Jay Lynch

Well if we are going to do #2 Bijou, then it is only fitting to do the original #1 with Jay Lynch's Nard and Pat cover. We found this one at Comix on sale for $129.95. Jay told last year that some Bijous in perfect condition are as high as $800. Rather amazing for a 50 cent comic book. I think I had an original copy, but dont recall what happened to it. Or maybe I was just hanging around when it came out but never bought one? I don't remember if I had one or not but I do remember the excitement we all shared at the time of it's publication.


King AdBeck said...

Wait a minute! What happened to that post about Robert Williams' brushwork? Did I hallucinate that?

Comic Book College Weeklies said...

I had a dream or should I say, I could not sleep the night i posted the whole thing about the brush. When my conscience bothers me that much, I try to adjust everything as fast as possible. I just had no peace after posting it. But I am glad you got to read it.