Friday, May 8, 2009

Fine Art of Baseball, R.Crumb, Anime, and The Collapse of Western Civilization

Ok so what does this Title mean? Actually, nothing. But maybe we can make it mean something for our current purposes. It seems that back in the day there was a real American Anime Scene. By that I mean there were enough artists around to actually create a Revolution in Pop Culture Media that could have actually spawned something like what there is in Japan. But it did not happen. Even though many would have welcomed the change from Elmer Fudd to Hentai in a heart beat. Dont know what Hentai is? Do your little Wikipedia search now then come back to read more fully informed, kind of.

Anyway, what does have to do with all of this? Not much except we are conducting a little experiment to see who and who is not viewing and or reading our little Blog Spot Here. Not that we can actually figure that out but we want to see what could happen by mixing and matching the above subjects. Basically the American Cartoonist got screwed. While the Japanese dove into American Culture head long, we were not allowed to dive into their Culture. Why was this? They love Elvis, we love Elvis, they like the Marlboro Man, we like the Marlboro Man. They love motorcycles and slick back greasy Hair dos, we liked slick back greaser Hair too. They like Star Wars. We still like Star Wars, go figure? So what's the Point? SEX and VIOLENCE IS DESTROYING THE CHILDREN, we don't condone voyeurism though we are all voyeuristic to some extent, some more than others. But in Japan they don't make it against the Law to be Voyeuristic.

Ok, only in America do we have a Legal Defense Fund for Cartoonists, what is up with that? In Japan they don't even understand the reasoning behind such an Org. Here, it is like, EXTREMELY necessary to have a Legal Defense Team for Comic Artists. In Japan, anything goes, Free Market Economy, you like Violence and real Blood spray in your comics, great, you like Hentai? Great, whatever and everyone reads the Comics, 8 to 80 and beyond. They probably thought everyone in America does too. Wrong, no one reads the comics IN AMERICA they put them in baggies in a box in a closet or vault or on Ebay but no one actually reads them, GOD FORBID YOU ACTUALLY READ THE DAMN THINGS!!!!!, what kind of a Moron are you that you actually read the stupid stuff? ( Well some of us do actually still read them, but you get the drift)

In America as long as it is worth money then you are smart for buying it. In Japan they buy it to actually read it and they buy it in droves. Legal Defense Fund for Comics is like the Obama administration trying to design a CAR, it does n't have to be this way, but oh yeah it is, and oh yeah Uneeda good Lawyer son and Uneeda good battery operated car that can go all of 100 miles before having to pull over and recharge the batteries for 8 to 12 hours. Kind of makes going to the Beach suck just to think about it.

But back to the original idea or experiment for this post, has your duty free Japanese Anime Comics and related stuff. Check it out when you get an hour of free time? So let's hoist this little jewel up there and see what happens? Oh yeah, about reading comics online? It actually is rather difficult to see the words, comics not on paper maybe something all together different. But how do we get money for it, is the question. I will say that I read Sorry Guy's Blue Toon the other day and had no problems reading it and it was really good too, but some others are hard to read, maybe you guys could blow this up a little, as in nuking this blog with comments, LOL. On second thought nevermind.

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Well I did a Google search and the blog shows up on the first page near the top and that's what we were looking for. If you are reading this, post a comment or two, it's fine to disagree, after all this is America, land of the Free for all, LOL