Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rob Tyner Undergound Cartoonist of The MC5

Well we are off the Subject a little but you never know who may be tuning in for the first time. So keep in mind that the leader singer of the, MC5 Rob Tyner was an Underground Cartoonist. He was pretty good too, as I recall. But where he really got off was in the MC5, short for the Motor City 5. Total Toon Band before they ever heard that expression. Actually maybe that expession has never been used in this context before. But from a Tune Head's Toon perspective you can make the connection. At least I thought you could. Maybe you can t even get this at all, I dunno. I just thought you might like it, like it yes I do, like it like it yes, I know its only Rock and Roll But we Like it.........Yes we do Yeah

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