Friday, May 29, 2009

Sorry Guy Comics hits the Fan.........

We recently got a link sent to us on Facebook for Skip Williamson's Open Salon blog post about Independent Film Maker John Kinhart, creator of Sorry Guy comics. John is working on an independent doc film project about the life and art of Skip Williamson. But it seems that John originally approached Art Spiegelman and was turned down. So in the tradition of great, self effacing, truthful, autobiographical, Comic stories, John did a great strip about meeting Mr. Speigelman at some Lecture Hall. You just need to click on Sorry Guy's link and read it yourself, it is dated May 16th 2009. We have asked John if we could reprint it here along with some kind of news update on the Doc. In the meantime, you can read Skip Williamson's article @
Sorry Comics - Skip Williamson - Open Salon

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sorryguy said...

Hi Bob, I got your message. Thanks for your interest. Feel free to repost the comic on your blog.

Just a quick note. I didn't approach Spiegelman about doing a doc about Spiegelman, but rather I asked if we could do an interview about Skip for my documentary about Skip.