Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Skip Williamson and Commander Cody

Everytime Commander Cody came to Town (Chicago) our good friend Skip Williamson would be on the VIP guest list. I was aware that Skip was tight with Cody and the band, the Lost Planet Airmen but we never discussed the Backstage antics. It was none of my business, I knew Skip well enough to know if he wanted to tell me a story or two, he would, and he did and we created a few together even. I recently asked Skip if he would consider writing an episode or two about The Commander and those crazy days back in Chicago. Skip Williamson is truly a remarkable writer besides being a great artist, and has many asking for hard cover editions of his writing talent. If that happens, we will surely post up the news at Comic Book College Weeklies, in the meantime, stay tuned...and be sure you scroll down to watch the video

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Comic Book College Weeklies said...

I am a little disappointed that no one shares the joy of this video the timing is perfect, maybe it is the depressing fact that the Japanese can do stuff like Golden Boy all day long but nothing gets done in America. I dunno, my son took me into Japanese cartoons in 1990. And quite frankly I actually have made a decent living from it. Opposite that, cartooning in America, is just about a labor of love for most, a calling of sorts. I joined the Comic Book Legal Defensive Fund on Facebook the other day, just to show my support for something that does not have to exist but it does have to exist in America, the japanese probably think we are weird.